From Logan to LaVerkin and Bluff to Bountiful, join students, teachers, parents and friends all across the state in celebrating Utah’s public schools.

Utah Lawmakers: Support Public Schools and Educators!

The last two years have disrupted life for all Utahns. But our public school educators have remained on the front lines, embracing their role as critical support resources for students, families, and communities. They have met historic challenges head-on to ensure that all students receive an excellent, well-rounded, and honest education.

Publicly, our lawmakers have joined with parents, community members, and others in their praise for our teachers – for the difference they make in the lives of Utah’s students. But in private, some of those same lawmakers are seriously considering proposals that will burden our teachers with new and unneeded responsibilities on top of their already untenable workload. Some Utah lawmakers even plan to take resources away from our trusted public schools – and the broad range of students they serve – by creating an outrageous voucher scheme that funnels funds to private schools that have zero accountability to taxpayers.

Tell lawmakers their actions must match their words and that our public schools, our educators, and our students need genuine support – not dubious schemes.

The Truth About Vouchers and Other Under-the-Radar Public Education Schemes:

They Subsidize the Wealthy

Vouchers subsidize private school for affluent families along the  Wasatch Front, at the expense of rural students and families unable to cover the full cost of private school tuition.

They Leave Vulnerable Students Behind

Private schools can deny a student admission for any reason and require parents to waive their federal IDEA (special education law) rights. We value options that are open to all students. 

They Add Unnecessary Burdens to Already-Busy Educators

Utah already faces a crisis of teachers leaving the profession. Legislation that adds burdensome mandates to educators’ already-crushing workloads will only worsen this problem, as well as take resources away from students that need the most help.

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