From Logan to LaVerkin and Bluff to Bountiful, join students, teachers, parents and friends all across the state in celebrating Utah’s public schools.

The Difference You Make

In the past year, Utah’s teachers, school staff, parents, students, and communities across the state have stepped up to meet the enormous challenges and unprecedented adversity of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Our teachers and other education professionals, in particular, have responded heroically, doing all they can do to maintain Utah’s high standards of education excellence despite the obstacles put in front of them by the pandemic.

They have learned to provide high quality online education on the fly.

They have given students a sense of normalcy and routine in this chaotic time.

And they have done all that they can do to support us, our kids, and our communities.

Their stories have truly amazed and inspired.

We say THANK YOU to all Utah teachers and other educators—administrators, school staff, mental health professionals and nurses, custodial staff, lunch workers, secretaries, and more—as well as all the parents who have stepped up to help ensure that our students continue to learn and grow.

Thank you for your passion!

Thank you for your commitment!

Thank you for #TheDifferenceYouMake!

Your Stories

In this difficult time, we want to recognize and celebrate the inspirational efforts being made by educators, parents, students, and all those who are working together to continue providing an excellent education to all of Utah’s students.

Help us tell these inspiring stories!

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